Legacy Ballet Academy


Concert Dates:

Little Legacy Concert 

Saturday, May 25th 2019  11:30am-12:30pm

Princess Pirouette/Little Legacy Classes- Creative Movement, Pre Ballet, Ballet Tap Combo and Twirl and Tumble

Legacy Season Finale: 10th Anniversary Concert

Saturday, May 25th 2019 4:30-6:30pm 

-Ballet 1-7, Fundamentals, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary

Buy tickets- Please make sure to confirm the time of show!

Tickets on sale April 8th at 12:00pm

Location: Madison Center for the Arts


Program Ad's are available for purchase NOW.  Purchase your program ad at the front desk by May 1st and email all photos and text to office@legacyballet.dance. THESE ARE NOT ONLINE THIS YEAR.  If you would like to design your own ad, it MUST adhere to the following dimensions:

Full Page: 2120 x 3176 pixels, Half Page: 2120 x 1548 pixels,

Quarter Page: 1020 x 1548 pixels​

​Tickets will be available online on April 8th at 12:00pm. Price range for tickets is $20-25 (including online fee).  There is no minimum ticket purchase requirement.



Every family will be billed a Family Recital Fee on April 5th.  This will include a digital download to all performances. You will be emailed video link access 6 weeks after show.


Schedule all concert photos with Michele Dawson Photography.


When you enter the stage door for the auditorium, look for the "Dancer Check-In" sign. This will point to the check-in desk. This is located on the NORTH side of the Madison building in the bus circle. Look for our balloons and signs!

At the check-in desk, you will first sign in your dancer and give us your cell phone number. If anything happens backstage, you will be notified by a volunteer with a text message.

If your dancer has an accessory or shoe change, please make sure you bring a Gallon-Sized Ziploc bag with their name on it.

The check-in desk will give you a sticker with your dancer’s name on it that needs to go on your child’s back, on top of their costume.

Then one parent will be allowed into the dressing room to introduce your child to their class parent and give them their garment bag/ shoe bag (if you have one). ONE Parent for Each dancer (including class parents) will receive a colored label that says “Dance Parent.” To ensure dancer safety and make sure only parents are backstage, these will be our indicator of who is allowed to be in the dressing room. Any adults backstage without a sticker will be asked who they are there to see and sent them to the check-in desk or to a staff member.

Then you are welcome to take your seats.

We are here to make this an OUTSTANDING and SAFE performance experience for your child, we welcome your feedback!

Dancers should bring MINIMAL amount of additional items other than their required dance wear and costumes. This is to keep our areas clean and makes it easier to collect their belongings.

Dancers are ONLY ALLOWED water in a water bottle backstage. Other juices or soft drinks are not allowed in the dressing areas. Snacks are welcome, please make sure these are easy to eat quickly and don’t require a microwave. All snacks should be nut free.


Hair and Makeup for all Classes

Princess Pirouette™/Little Legacy Dancers-

Hair: Dancers should have hair slicked back into a clean bun, with a hairnet, on the crown of their head. Bun should be secured with 10-15 bobby pins.

Creative Movement Classes Hair- Due to the young age of this group of dancers, children with very short hair (inches above shoulders) that cannot make bun may opt for a tidy and polished hairstyle. Pigtails, bangs clipped up, etc.

Makeup: If dancers are going to wear makeup, they should wear foundation, light blush, neutral colored eye shadow, mascara, and pink/ red lipstick.

Tights and Shoes: Dancers should wear clean, new, pink tights for all dances. All classes will wear clean ballet shoes (with ties cut), and black tap shoes (with tap ties)

All Other Dancers- ( Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and Ballet dancers)-

Hair: All Dancers should have their hair in a centered, low bun (ear height) with a part on the LEFT side located directly above the left eye and hair brushed over towards the right. Please secure bun with 10-15 bobby pins. They should arrive to the theatre with this already completed. Hairspray or gel should be used to secure all hair away from face. NO BANGS.

Tights and Shoes: Dancers should wear clean, new, pink tights for all ballet dances, and tan tights for other styles. All dance shoes should be cleaned or new, and they will wear corresponding shoes with the dance style (pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes, tan jazz shoes,  black sneakers for hip hop, see Hip Hop dress code)

  • SoDanca SD 16 or Bliss canvas ballet shoe in PINK for girls and BLACK for boys
  • Body Wrappers Mesh Seamed Tights Theatrical Pink

Makeup: If dancers are going to wear makeup, they should wear foundation, light blush, neutral colored eye shadow, mascara and false eyelashes, and pink/ red lipstick

All dancers need our rhinestone earrings, please replace them if you have lost them.

Download Handout


9:00am-10:45am Pictures on stage with Michele Dawson (must be scheduled separately)

11:30-12:30pm Little Legacy Concert with opening parade, special bow, awards and Family Finale

1:00-3:00pm Dress Rehearsal for Season Finale Concert

3:15-4:00pm Pictures opn stage with Michele Dawson (must be scheduled separately)

4:30pm-6:30pm Legacy Season Finale Concert and Awards


Studio Dates

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